OneCommons is an ambitious project that will take years to mature so it is important to stage its development in a series of small and concrete steps, each of which provide immediate value and are punctuated with major milestones focused on addressing a well-defined target market.

Milestone 1: Developer infrastructure

What: Tools for building easily deployable, reusable, production-quality services
Immediate Value: Usable outside of OneCommons
For who: DevOps developers
Goal: Engage DevOps developers to help build core infrastructure

Milestone 2: Hosting MVP

What: Basic infrastructure in place, ready to host curated sites
Immediate Value: Free hosting
For who: Existing open source sites
Goal: Build user base and market awareness

Milestone 3: CommonsCents

What: User fees; usage tracking and metering; payment processing
Immediate Value: Enable participants to earn money
For who: Small-scale SAAS
Goal: SAAS platform where there’s clear economic value for businesses to avoid vendor lock-in and we can provide a low barrier to entry for independent developers and operators

Milestone 4: DataCommons

What: Shared data. Policies establishing privacy rules around data and access rights
Immediate Value: Control and visibility over data; remix apps
For who: Users; developers

Milestone 5: Ecosystem

What: Multiple infrastructure providers
Immediate Value: Decentralization
For who: Cloud providers
Goal: Expand reach and market opportunities

Milestone 6: Scale

What: Scalability
Immediate Value: Large-scale free social media apps viable, unlock network effects
For who: Consumers