Introducing the Open Cloud

We are very excited to be launching a brand new and its companion site

Last year we launched OneCommons to present our vision of a free and open cloud. Since then we’ve been focusing on building a practical path to make it a reality and, as 2021 approaches, we’ve redesigned the site to introduce open cloud services and the technology to build them.

Unfurl is our tool for creating ensembles, a building block for developing open cloud services, and more generally just an awesome tool for managing your cloud infrastructure. It’s still in its infancy and we still need to write lots of documentation but there’s no doubt it does some stuff so please check it out.

These are just first steps as we bootstrap the open cloud. We’ll be launching a discussion forum very soon, and then our own open cloud service: a platform for developing open cloud services. So please sign up on our mailing list to get invited our private beta, get the latest news from us, or to join the discussion.

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About Adam Souzis

Adam is founder of OneCommmons

San Francisco, California
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