A cloud for the people, by the people, & of the people.

In which we own and control the web services that our lives depend on.

OneCommons is a cloud platform for hosting open source web applications — like Amazon's or Google's but cooperatively run — with built-in data sharing and a participatory funding model.

How it works


Run open source applications for free. Data and users are a shared resource. Developers can reuse and remix other services running on the platform.


Create an account to get access to all services running on the OneCommons cloud. Basic access is free, pay a monthly fee for enhanced service.


All participants, including end-users, earn a share of subscription fees based on their contributions. As the platform grows so does the value of everyone's share.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Cooperatively build a reproducible cloud with reusable building blocks using decentralized DevOps.
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Decentralized, ubiquitous data that gives the user control over their data. Mix in the reproducible cloud for live app forking powers!
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CommonCents currency

A funding mechanism that aligns economic incentives with the project's core values and goals, and provides fair compensation.
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Decentralized Governance

A collaboration model for managing online services akin to open source development, with democratic, not-for-profit governance.

Free and open source

Open source from end-to-end.

Privacy and security guaranteed

Privacy and security guarantees must be verifiable and intrinsic to the design.


Minimize central points of control both technically and in governance.

Democratic, collective decision-making

All participants have a say.

Open to all, available to all

No arbitrary barriers to participation, strive to provide access for anyone.

Aligned Interests and Incentives

Strive to build a system that aligns individuals' economic incentives with the project's core values and goals.

"Unfair" Competitive Advantage.

Idealism is not enough. We must provide functional and economic advantages over proprietary alternatives.

Not just for apps

Long-term mission to extend the platform to support all manner of creative endeavors such as music, journalism, and the arts.

Status and Roadmap

OneCommons has recently graduated from crazy idea to moonshot!

It is the culmination of several years of personal research projects. Think of it as a clever integration of millions of lines of open source code including Kubernetes, GitLab, Hyperledger, Istio, and Apache Kafka.

Every milestone release will provide clear, immediately usable value for a well-defined target market -- starting now! Check out our roadmap.