Building a Free
and Open Cloud

Introducing Unfurl Cloud

The first free and open cloud platform!

Open source cloud services you control.

The Plan

1 Make it incredibly easy to deploy and run open source applications.

2 A small percentage of hosting costs funds open source cloud services.

3 Share, fork and combine these open cloud services to form a free and open cloud.

For App Developers:

Clone, fork, and deploy cloud services as easy as cloning and building code from git.
a cloud with nodes
Hide complexity, no need to be a DevOps guru.
a cloud with nodes
Easily update as your needs change and grow.
a cloud with nodes
No Lock-in
  • ‣ Open source
  • ‣ All data stored in Git
  • ‣ Your own cloud accounts

For Open Source Developers:

We’re making open source software as easy to use and deploy as a SaaS.
deploy badge
Easy To Deploy
New users are just a few clicks away with our deployment button.
Unique Metrics
Track how your software is being deployed and used.
a cloud with nodes
Cloud Funding
New opportunities to fund development.

For A Better Internet:

Learn how a transparent, open-source cloud guarantees our freedom and privacy.
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