Building a Free
and Open Cloud

Introducing Unfurl Cloud

The first free and open cloud platform!

Open source cloud services you control.

The Plan

1 Make it incredibly easy to deploy and run open source applications.

2 A small percentage of hosting costs funds open source cloud services.

3 Share, fork and combine these open cloud services to form a free and open cloud.

Why we need a free and open cloud

Next level open-source -- Don't just share code, share live services!
Avoid lock-in with proprietary cloud providers.
Transparency and trust -- know what you are connecting to.
Critical cloud infrastructure should be public goods, not dependent on the whims of proprietary entities.
Let's make it easy and cheap for anyone build and run open source cloud applications.
Make open-source development sustainable through Cloud Funding.

For A Better Internet:

Learn how a transparent, open-source cloud guarantees our freedom and privacy.
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