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jsonQL: a JSON Query Language

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Supported Storage Backends

Here is the status of data store backends under development:

back-end status
JSON or YAML text file Default
BerkeleyDB Recommended for production use
SQL (map to arbitrary schema) under development
SQL (fixed schema) supported via RDF backends
RDF support for Redland, RDFLib, and 4Suite RDF APIs
Tokyo Cabinet Experimental
Memcache Experimental
Google AppEngine under development
Federated (multiple backends) planned


translates json to internal tuple representation
executes JSONql queries against model
high-level query and CRUD interface
base data access APIs*
a collection of backend datastore drivers that implement provides configuration, generic request, and transaction services
wsgi middleware translates HTTP requests into vesper requests
wsgi app that provides an query and update HTTP endpoint and a Javascript library for using it.