What is this? These pages started as a detailed straw-man proposal to flesh-out what it would take to realize our vision of a free and open cloud. They now serve as examples of the technology needed to implement the different facets of open cloud services. Here's how we are going to get there.

What is an open cluster?

Composable cluster manifest

(This last point about being able clone and merge state is key to building a decentralized and open infrastructure.)

What is the OneCommons Cluster?

Unique, Open, transparent and cooperative run production-quality cluster, so you can so see how exactly how it set up, integrated, performed, technology in real life situations.

Unique Value Proposition

Transparent: Our goal is operations to cooperative run in visible. You can login to any app or service running on the cluster. You can clone and reconfigure any app or service.

Production-ready: aim to follow best practices, decisions are documented and debated


Inviting: anyone can participate, and developer-friendly

Independent, Unbiased: We are not part of any corporate strategy, open governance, decisions are collaborative.